The year is 2142. You’re inside a secret and remote training facility located somewhere in earth’s orbit. The facility is known simply as “TC Station,” and you’ve been selected because of your unrivaled courageousness. You are here for one reason: To find a better way to learn math.

You’ll receive the assistance of D.I.G.I.T. (Digital Intelligent Guide for the Instruction of TouchMath), so you won’t have to embark on your training alone.

With TouchMath Counting & TouchPoint Training, your math foundation will be laid using the simplest of skills: Counting. Develop number sense, understand the association between numeral and their quantities, and realize that math doesn’t have to be abstract and scary. It’s colorful, concrete, fun, and adventurous!

In Chapter 1, students learn about number values. Using pictorial objects and our trademarked TouchPoints, we teach young children to associate numerals with real values (number quantities).

Students can count aloud along with the app as they touch the single TouchPoints once and double TouchPoints twice. This multisensory approach engages students on auditory, visual and tactile/kinesthetic levels.

Instructions are provided audibly as well as with on-screen text prompts and visual cues.

To ensure that students arrive at the right answer, it is important that they touch the TouchPoints in the correct Touching/Counting Pattern for each numeral.

Chapter 2 lets students drag TouchPoints to their correct locations and drop them into place on each numeral.

Chapter 3 challenges students to drag TouchPoints to their correct locations without the aid of visual targets.

Chapter 4 challenges students to drag TouchPoints to their correct locations without the aid of visual targets.

Students can make their learning experience with TouchMath Mobile Apps even more fun by choosing unique TouchPoints from over a dozen different themed TouchPoint Packs. From the beach to sports to cute animals, there's a TouchPoint Pack to grab any student's attention.

All seven holiday-themed TouchPoint Packs are included with the full version. In the free version they are available as an in-app purchase.